Tiny pants

I improvised these tiny pants in the hopes of the design allowing them to grow a little with the baby, by unfolding the garter stitch top and bottom as he grows. I wanted something that would fit him right from the start, but it seemed like a waste to make something that would only fit for a week or two.

Pants 1

Pants 1

I’ve written down loosely how I made these in case anyone is interested. I’m not used to writing instructions, least of all in english, so if this is not clear just send me a mail and I will try to phrase it better.

Pants 2

Pants 2

CO 40 and knit 40 rounds garter stitch in the round
Switch to stockinette stitch, and increase 30 st in the first round, 70 st total
Knit 55 rounds stockinette
Bind off 3 stitches (at end of round, or where you want the “inseam” of the legs to be)
Put stitches on hold and repeat from beginning for second leg

Join legs on one needle, with inseam bindoffs facing each other.
Knit 3 rounds, and place marker in the front of the pants where the two legs meet. In the next round, * decrease one st in front of marker and one st after marker. Knit 3 rounds. *
Repeat from * to * 2 more times.
Knit 25 rounds in stockinette.
Decrease 43 stitches evenly over the last round, 85 st total left on needles
Knit 48 rounds garter stitch
Bind of loosely
Seam hole in crotch

Done! :)

Pants 3

Pants 3

17 thoughts on “Tiny pants

  1. A clever and practical idea- and so tiny and cute! You are kind for making it available to all. What weight of yarn did you use? I am thinking of doing these in a cotton sock yarn, but would be nice in a superwash wool as well.

    • Thank you :) I made these with Drops Baby Alpaca Silk, which is fingering weight (4 ply). The size turned out good in that yarn, and they are very soft and (I imagine) comfortable, but it is a little slippery for the folding to make the pants smaller. It does stay folded for some time, but it would probably work even better in something with no silk in it. I haven’t tried making them in cotton, as it isn’t very “squishy” (for lack of a better word…) the garter stitch panel may not be enough to keep the pants up. You might have to add some elastic thread somewhere in the waist to make sure. I would be curious to know how it works if you do try :) Good luck!

  2. Hæhæ

    Æðislegar buxur, langar rosalega mikið til þess að prjóna þessar en var að spá hvort þú ættir uppskriftina á íslensku :)?.

    • Hún er svo stutt að hérna er íslensk þýðing, láttu mig vita ef þetta er eitthvað óskýrt hjá mér:
      Fitjaðu upp 40 lykkjur, tengdu í hring og prjónaðu alls 40 umferðir garðaprjón.
      Prjónaðu næstu umferð slétt og auktu út um 30 lykkjur jafnt yfir umferðina, (alls 70 lykkjur á prjóninum).
      Prjónaðu 55 umferðir slétt.
      Felldu af 3 lykkjur í enda síðustu umferðar (þar sem þú vilt að “innsaumurinn” á buxunum sé).
      Prjónaðu hina skálmina alveg eins.

      Sameinaðu skálmarnar á einn hringprjón, svo innsaumurinn á skálmunum (lykkjurnar sem þú felldir af) snúi saman.
      Prjónaðu þrjár umferðir slétt, og settu merki þar sem skálmarnar mætast að framan. Í næstu umferð, *prjónaðu saman tvær síðustu lykkjurnar fyrir framan prjónamerkið, og tvær fyrstu fyrir aftan merkið. Prjónaðu 3 umferðir slétt*.
      Endurtaktu frá * til * tvisvar í viðbót.
      Prjónaðu 25 umferðir slétt.
      Fækkaðu lykkjum um 43 jafnt yfir síðustu umferðina. Þá eru 85 lykkjur eftir á prjónunum.
      Prjónaðu 48 umferðir garðaprjón.
      Felldu laust af.
      Saumaðu saman gatið í klofinu.
      Og þá ættu þetta að vera orðnar buxur!

  3. I’ve read through the instructions and have the same confusion as Brenda…do you knit the legs one at a time to create two legs? By the sound of the pattern, you end up with a tube that is 85 st. around at the bottom but I know that can’t be right…maybe it’s self-explanatory once I do it. I’ll start them up, and will contact you if it still confuses me! Thanks for sharing this beautiful pattern!

    • Each leg starts off at 40 stitches, increases to 70 total at the end of the garter stitch part, and at the end of the leg you bind off 3 stitches before joining both legs on one needle. That makes 67 stitches at the end for each leg, or 134 stitches total once they are on one needle. You decrease by two at a time three times over the next few rounds according to the directions, six stitches in all, making your stitches 128 total at that point. Then comes the part that is essentially around the bottom of the baby, 25 rounds of stockinette, after which you decrease a total of 43 stitches, making your total 85 stitches for the last part which is the waist of the pants. That part is done in garter stitch so the 85 stitches end up wider than they sound.
      I hope that helped, but if you are still confused please contact me again so I can explain better. I hope you will be happy with the end result :)

  4. Love this pattern, so cute! I’m going to knit this for my first grandbaby. My question is whether the pants are designed to fit over cloth diapers, which are bulkier, or over disposable diapers?

    • They fit very nicely over disposable diapers, if I remember correctly they were not snug at all so they might fit over cloth diapers as well. But to be sure, maybe you could use 3.5 mm needles for the garter stitch but size up to 4.0 mm for the stockinette part to make it a little looser? If you do make them it would be great to hear how they ended up fitting over cloth diapers, I hadn’t thought of that before. I hope it works, and congratulations on the first grandbaby!

      • Thank you! I’ll let you know how your suggestion works out whenever I get the pants done. Soon, I hope, she’s due to arrive this September!

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